Greetings (or ‘today someone called on the phone and I don’t know if it was a robot or a human’)

Last week was black in my mind. Today I feel ok, but the name of this place comes from that place, and the blackness that sometimes descends in the form of a big unidentifiable weight that my philosopher husband names ‘angst.’

Try as I might to take this name and twist it, reshape it into sense or breath, it only recedes with similar mystery, until our next bout.

Artists at the end of the world. Black, but also I hope a little bit funny, like everything, really, when you think about it, and a little bit hopeful, as even at the end of the world we keep on going- painting things, and writing things, and singing things and MAKING things. Because what else can we do?

So here we are, you and I, or maybe just I.

At the moment we seem to have an excess of ‘content’ and deficit of content-ees (audience?). PH (the name I will now give to the aforementioned philosopher husband, the PH that also balances out my blotchy skin, symbolically speaking…) gave me a little green book- no not a pill, not a psychiatrist husband god forbid *- a little green book containing Plato’s dialogues. Apparently they touch on this very issue. I shall report back when I have read it!

*Books are often like pills for me (more on that later)

But this is all a very roundabout way of introducing myself and this place “AATEOTW” (pronounced through the roar of an alien cat, with allergies, to what?! to everything of course!) Perhaps this cat shall be a sidekick to me in this venture- perhaps in fact through some kind of automatic writing voodoo has become the cat Loyd that sits on my head and helps me make decisions, or more often helps to stall decision-making as he smokes his pipe, a character that we came up with some months ago at the local cafe. See image attached.

Yes I like that! It also joins a line of imaginary cat sidekicks, beginning with a comic I wrote at highschool called “The Adventures of Rook and the Uncanny” featuring a chess piece hero and his feline friend who is stuck to the top of a washing machine…(image to come)

Ok- Artists at the end of the world.

1. Crazy times we live in

2. I love making beautiful work (or trying at least) and supporting artists that make beautiful work

3. I live in Ballarat, Victora, Australia (see the joke, haha)

oh and I just got this:

Master of Arts (oh did I hear you laugh?)

Well, here I am in all my ‘conflicted feeling of does this piece of paper amount to anything?’ silly black glasses, degree glory. The thick black glasses thing actually goes back to my donning a pair for my year 10 school photo. Funny that they’ve now become fashionable (urgh)- maybe not the 3D pilfered from the cinema variety I had to improvise with in my Masters pic- but the thick rimmed ones that had my year 10 co-ordinator all in a flurry, issuing a note to my parents asking whether I did in fact wear glasses or was I just playing the clown?! My sweet mum’s response was “Maybe we should go get your eyes tested.”

Well I’m glad to report that my eyes are just fine and to conclude this first ‘attempt at introduction’ post, I promise to do my best not to over-content y’all! It may just end up being an outlet for my crazy thoughts, but I do hope it connects with some other crazy thought-ed/ clown hearted/artists at the end of the world out there too. Over and out.


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