Juggling Jungles

Some people need to ‘get in touch with their creative side’ by joining an art class or doing flower arranging, but recently returned from overseas and looking to make some changes in my life, it’s time to get in touch with my practical side! (the creative is often TOO active in my world and won’t let me sleep)

So, yesterday for the first time in my life I learnt how to mow the lawn. Inane as it may seem, it felt great to do something so physical, mechanical and useful. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and learning more about the garden too, and got some great inspiration last night at the Art Gallery of Ballarat‘s Capturing Flora exhibition and garden party.

My first mow

Next is onto developing my cooking skills beyond tuna pasta, thanks to the excellent in-house chef PH plus learning how to make sushi with the most excellent Aldona Kmiec and her Japanese house guest, YUM!

Even artists at the end of the world need to eat, and why not well hey?! (just be sure to floss after ; ))

Recipes and tips welcome!


3 thoughts on “Juggling Jungles

  1. I think creative IS practical but practical is way useful!! I repaired out driveway today so my dad would stop saying “are you digging to China” every time he visits! Very useful practical skill not requiring any creativity except ensuring the joke is filled! Perfect!

  2. Good on you Amy my dear……..yes moving beyond tuna pasta out into that wider culinary world can be a bit daunting – but if I can do it SO can you! Trying to make sushi is an experience in itself (as one who lived in Japan for several years can attest to!!!). If you can also squeeze okonomiyaki into the lesson too (japanese pancake) do it. If not I will forward you the recipe to you anyway…..happy rolling 🙂

  3. I am so happy to see others exploring their inner side after visiting overseas countries, getting to know different cultures and seeing how different lifestyles are anywhere in the world.. Australia is my third country of residence and the second continent I’ve lived in after Europe. The more I travel, the more humble I become, less louder I become and more focused. And more I want to see, experience and travel more. For that reason I have also become a Multicultural Ambassador of City of Ballarat – to share my experiences and my story. Even if it inspires one person it’s worth doing! 😉 Amy, Sushi-making day coming soon soon soon xx

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