The Tissue Plan, December 13th 2001

I found this going through some old things recently (I can’t believe it’s 11 years since then already!)  

Not such a bad plan for living. What do you think?  Ps- I have no idea why it’s written on a tissue… 

The Tissue Plan, December 13th 2001

Post-script photograph to accompany my comment below: my teenage self shyly showing an art folio to my mum and grandma (dad’s hairy legs, coat hangers and packet of savoy biscuits also feature…)


5 thoughts on “The Tissue Plan, December 13th 2001

  1. My mum saw this and reminded me that this was a few months after my parents split, grandmother died, and various other difficult things. By chance, the handkerchief (first time I’ve ever written that word) underneath came in a package of my grandmother’s things including the dress that was to be transformed into my wedding dress! So special to have these links. Thank you Nana, Valerie, I miss you x

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