It may just be that I am only minimally employed right now (is that an option on forms?), but I am feeling incredibly inspired and also importantly, supported, by those around me. It is also sunny, praise Ra! I am loving hanging out with creative friends (talented people, check them out!)- Nathan Curnow, Lily Mae Martin, Mick Trembath, Maddy Mac, Erin McCuskey, to name but a few, and hatching plans for future wonders.

As I began, we go on making things in these troubled times, for what else can we do?

I describe my creative production company Weave Length as ‘makers of winged things’- May it be true! Here is an old winged work, and more on new ones soon…


2 thoughts on “Winged

  1. Oh and how could I forget meeting Geoffrey Williams last week- amazing and inspiring musician! Just saw him do a 3 set gig in Ballarat, playing originals, freestylin’ and covering the likes of Nina Simone, Sam Cooke and a mind-blowing version of Superfly (Curtis Mayfield). Thank You!

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