Miniature and Magnificent

Recently I’ve been talking to some people affected by bipolar/manic depression and I wanted to understand more. Luckily for me, the inimitable Stephen Fry has made a beautiful doco about it, being a long-time sufferer himself. It’s called The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive and I would recommend it for anyone interested in interesting things but particularly mental health and the creative life.

As for my own mind, I continue to awkwardly juggle hats with alternating excitement and anxiety (artist, broadcaster, interviewer, collector, co-ordinator, waitress, friend, lover, person in the world…). So many days I plan to ‘get my life in order’ and I think I need to accept that this is an ongoing, perhaps impossible task, that goes far beyond a list that can be checked off in a day or a week of focused diligence.

-my files (digital, paper, and otherwise) will never be perfectly archived

-my bathroom will never be super clean

-I won’t be a jazz pianist in the foreseeable future

etc etc, however I have been working away on some new artworks, mowing lawns, and hatching plans, and fitting in some photography of miniature things, as you can see here.  You can also see my letterbox in the background which every day I approach with child-like hope that there may be something magical awaiting me (Chrisco catalogue be gone!)

I also found this cool book about other strange collector folks… You can see some of my favourite things to collect in the background too- jars, books, twine, doorknobs and such. Who knows what might come in handy at the end of days.

Hope you’re all having a nice time out there- here’s a cool song for you x


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