Artists Opening Worlds?


I have been enjoying working on a piece called ‘Dance Constellation’ for the end of year open show at Stockroom Gallery in Kyneton. The exhibition is titled Span and invites artists to explore: connection, distance, and the passage of time…

handsHere I got to conduct a strange meeting through time with some beautiful old postcard images of dancing ladies, that then layer with my own ‘map of movements’ recorded with:

blue dress

in a basement apartment

on a Tuesday afternoon (in Dresden Germany!)

You can get along and see the show between December 8th and January 6th and check out the beautiful Stockroom store while you’re there. I’m looking forward to going back and exploring the cute little happening town of Kyneton too : )

So that’s kind of where I’m at. Artists opening worlds on the way to the end, and existing in a strange moment somewhere between a big year including recent European travels (see below), and exciting developments ahead. Making the map as I go….



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