Dear Diary

deck desk

Working on Ballarat Heritage Weekend

Since I was young I have always kept a journal and at the moment this blog might be seen as its equivalent. When I had neglected my diary I would apologise to the paper like it was a being that could be hurt, that I could also rejoice with etc. When I was in Germany recently I re-read the diary of Anne Frank– an intensified case of this, the diary as friend and confidant. How strange to think that for her, it became such a significant, public document (sadly she never got to see its profound influence) and for me/us in our times, our confidants are spread across the world, both known and unknown persons, reaching across the wires, out across the seas.

But all that is all a round-about way of saying- I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long!!

I am spurred on by the great Lily Mae Martin at Berlin Domestic, with the reminder that things will happen “all in good time” and also Siohban Melise at Surrendering Youth and the wise words of Max Ehrmann to “be gentle with yourself.” Since I was young I have always found peace and resonance in his Desiderata.

So, I have been busy working away on projects like Ballarat Heritage Weekend, Art Sparks, and a new exhibition or two and look forward to sharing more here as I bumble through. I have also been taking lots if photos that I will try to organise when I get time! Here is a pic taken by PH (beloved philosopher husband) having some autumn fun outside Red Brick Gallery yesterday.


Playing outside Red Brick Gallery Ballarat


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