Summer Greetings and Sharing the Blog Love

Hello! Hope it’s been a good year for everyone. It’s been another mad one in the world but I try to remain grateful for the many joys in my own little sphere, and hopeful that we may keep up the good fight towards intelligence and humanity over idiocy and cruelty.

we are all immigrants

Dumbo, New York

Fabulous local photographer Aldona Kmiec has nominated me to answer some questions about myself for the Leibster Award thing-a-ma-jig. There are lots of great creative folks in Ballarat and I love being part of that community. Here we go!

  1. Where were you born and why did you decide to establish your creative business in Ballarat?

I was born and grew up in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. After travels, a stint studying in London, and various sharehouses around Brunswick my man and I got fed up with rising rent (and rising damp!) and decided to buy a little place in Ballarat East.

At the time we were both doing postgrad research so it suited us perfectly to live quietly and build our lives here whilst travelling to Melbourne as we needed/felt.

Ballarat has been a great place to build on my studies and experience in cross-artform projects and to base my company Weave Length Productions.

  1. If you didn’t live in Australia, where would you live?

This is something I always think about when I’m travelling- could I live here? It’s a hard one. So many beautiful and interesting places- maybe Tuscany?

  1. Did you travel overseas in the last 10 years, where to and why?

I love exploring different places around the world and feel so lucky to be able to do this! I just got back from a short trip that included County Clare Ireland, New York, and Mexico City. Visiting friends overseas is the best, as well as wandering and discovering a place, and eating of course- one of my favourite pastimes.

Amy & ClareAmy & Sarah4. What’s the capital and population of Poland?

For someone that loves travelling my geography is terrible! I may have to google that, I’m sorry ; )

5. What’s the ONE best thing about Ballarat? (I know it’s hard.. because there are many!!!)

I love the laidback lifestyle in Ballarat and the awesome mix…. Right near our place we have a mini forest, an historic railway station, and an amazing café. I also love playing a role in the civic life of the city as it grows and develops.

  1. Who is your favourite photographer or filmmaker and why?

Artists inspire me so much so this is a hard one but I do love Krzysztof Keislowski (forgive me for googling the spelling!) who made the Three Colours Trilogy and The Double Life of Veronique. His films are so beautifully crafted and emotional.

I am also in love with Michel Gondry for his big hearted imagination and style.

veronique-1 Mood Indigo7. Tell me how did you start your career? Did you plan to be an artist?

I have always been an artist, alongside various dreams of being a baseball pitcher, scientist, etc etc. To me- ‘everything is interesting.’

  1. What challenges do you think artists face in Ballarat?

Arts funding can be an issue, also being felt more widely in the current political climate. There can also be the distance sometimes felt from cultural centres and activities but we’re not doing too bad here in Regional Victoria- I believe there is no reason why regional artists can’t be up there working on the same professional level as our city cousins.

  1. What is your favourite coffee shop where you work on your projects or have meetings with Clients?

I like to share the love around and depending on my culinary mood- my second home is Vegas & Rose, and I can also be seen around at the likes of the Unicorn, Harvest Café, and Boah Organic.

Vegas and Rose for The Space Between

Vegas & Rose Cafe for The Space Between

10. Can you share what you did today?

Today I did some housework, read a number of articles, played with my cat, had meetings and did research for a new project (this included doing a great podcast tour around the CBD– I recommend checking it out!), edited some photographs, and went for noodles with friends (the Vietnamese Noodle House is my other second home!). I also followed the process of my man throughout the day as he brewed a new batch of beer made with berries from our garden, yum!

Hope that was interesting. & Here are my questions for the amazing artist and blogger Lily Mae Martin and the divine Liana Skewes should they choose to accept:

Which things/people make you feel at home?

What do you love about making art?

What was your favourite meal in the last week and why?

Do you have a favourite book and memory of first reading it?

What is the funniest/weirdest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

Have you ever tried to learn another language? What did you love/hate about it?

What scares the shit out of you?

Can you share a recent artist discovery (music, writing, visual art…)?

Do you have a blog post you have written you are particularly proud of?

What is your most treasured thing you’ve found unexpectedly?

lily and amy

Lily & Amy


In other Amy news I also have a shiny new website for my work you can check out with some of Aldona’s great images on it. Look out for my New York pieces and stay tuned for more exciting 2015 adventures!

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