I love the unique creativity of Bjork and this concert at Royal Albert Hall in London (and the album Vespertine) is so beautiful. I watch it whenever I need to recall the wonder of the world.

Here I would like to show you some of my amazing artist friends whose work I get to see in my home every day:

Alexandra Corden

Book Art by Alexandra Corden

Bren Luke

Cross-Hatching by Bren Luke

Madeleine Beaty

Madeleine Beatty (a 21st birthday present)


Andrew Potter

Sculpture by Andrew Potter (plus camera!)

Aaron D'Arcy

Photography by Aaron D’Arcy

Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell: Here’s to the wind that blows and the ship that goes and the girl that fears no danger

A couple yet to be framed:

Erin McCuskey

Photography by Erin McCuskey

Minding this one of Abbie’s and Boots is minding Lucie’s till it finds a home!:


Boots and Lucie


And one of mine– a present for PH

Love you creative folks! Will update this as the collection grows x


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