Tuerong Ruined Piano Sanctuary

Tuerong Ruined Piano Sanctuary

I have always had an intense and intimate relationship with ideas. You can listen to an audio work I made here called Unrealised Ideas/They Keep me From my Sleep.

I recently watched a documentary about filmmakers where David Lynch spoke of ‘being in love with’ an idea. And the other day I found myself having an experience which I was later able to recognise as ‘grief for an idea.’

I realised it wasn’t to be then went through a process of grieving and letting go. How strange, but that’s what it was! I liked the idea, I was sad to let it pass (and there was some brooding and tears) but maybe I wasn’t in love with it? And then who really knows when and in what form it might re-emerge?

Below relates to one of my primary school projects or clubs. Apologies for the spelling! My favourite part is the ending: “Well there just a few idears. But you could do nothing. Maby you could think of some idears.”





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