Five years in Ballarat

It’s been a long time between posts and seems a good moment to take stock of the passing time… This month it will be 5 years since we bought our little place and moved from Brunswick to Ballarat.

In that time I have finished my Masters, wed and honeymooned in Europe, had my own arts & music radio program on Voice FM and reported on arts events in the region with Tinderbox Radio and Arts Atlas, been an artist in multiple cross-artform exhibitions with Weave Length Productions, worked on creative projects and programming on 4 Ballarat Heritage Weekend events, been an assistant producer at ABC Open, and part of setting up volunteer organisation Ballarat Arts Alive, curating 10 Art Sparks events featuring local artists, artforms and venues. It’s been busy!

After a good break to rest, reflect, reinvigorate, dream and plan, the big question is What next? Well more learning, fun, work, and exploration… Watch this space. Big love to all my supporters, especially this guy xo


Happy after another big Heritage Weekend, 2014. Image by the fabulous Erin McCuskey





4 thoughts on “Five years in Ballarat

  1. What an accomplished lady you are! I’m a little in awe of what you have achieved and really look forward to seeing where your insatiable creativity leads you next! x

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